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Less traditional boarding ladder

This is a ladder made on request to compensate  for the  the curve of the hull, hence the treads vary in width widest at the bottom. Side ropes are 18mm dark blue polyester, treads inset with treadmaster and there is a white rubber insert along the back of each tread to prevent chafing gelcoat.


Boarding ladder for yachts based on traditional pilot ladder


Boat boarding ladder based on traditional pilot ladder.

Overall length approximately 1100mm (3ft 7ins) Tread pitch approximately 280mm (11 ins)

Treads Iroko approximately 425mm x 120mm x 25mm

Side ropes 18mm synthetic hemp approx 1600kg breaking strain.

Double whipping waxed polyester and Waxed Hemp.

Nylon thimbles for securing to toe rail or other secure fitting.